Our Story

Being a legally registered company by the Ministry of Trade as per the Ethiopian trade law, TAFDAG Industrial and Trading PLC was established by its eight sibling shareholders in the year 2014 with an initial capital of ETB 2 million and now the working capital exceeds 30 million ETB.We are Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX) member ship on washing station.

TAFDAG Industrial and Trading PLC is the Sister company of BNT Coffee, mainly engaged in Ethiopian Green Coffee Export based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Our team is composed of highly qualified siblings with a cumulated experience of many years in the coffee and trading industry. These have been instrumental in ensuring our business partners’ satisfaction.

Having active involvements in other related trading activities in import and export business and contribution, the company has acquired experience in International trade-transaction management, Promoting products to foreign markets, Negotiating with international sellers and buyers, Logistics Management, and Assessing the Challenges and opportunities in the international trade.We are organized with professional teams with brief resources, management system, and strategic plan.


  • The company has organized itself in a systematic way such that it can get things done in efficient, effective and economical ways.
  • The above has been possible owing to its matured and energetic team leaders



  • Our Company has acquired, and willing and able to acquire, competent and capable professionals required to realize its mission and objectives
  • TAFDAG has the capacity to raise the capital required to finance the project from its shareholders-equity and to access bank loan owing to its reputation and track record built so far.

Strategic plan

  • TAFDAG is established with the objectives of engaging in the industry and trading sectors of the economy. Capitalizing on good experience it had had in the trading sector; it has formulated well-crafted strategy and engaged in green coffee export business. However, the strategy stipulates that ensuring uninterrupted supply of raw materials to the agro-industry is of paramount importance and as such it gives priority for creating backward linkage with the agriculture sector before the agro-industry. Hence we are investing in the development of coffee and spices plantation.
  • The strategic plan is also in line with the Government growth and transformation plan (GTP II) which aims at bringing structural changes to the economy by augmenting the industry sector basing Agro-outputs. Obtaining adequate, consistent and quality agro-outputs for input to the industry is ...
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Our mission and vision

Unlike many Ethiopian coffee exporters and traders who use coffee to make money, we do work coffee business with a special passion and love to show and deliver the maximum possible quality and unique test of Ethiopian Arabica coffee by keeping its values in quality and price.

With this our view we want to change and be role model to our country’s traditional way of coffee trading by training farmers to grow and supply quality coffee, quality processing, pay the fair price and use environmentally friendly technologies.

Our Team